Saturday, January 10, 2009

Road conditions January 10 & Road Status Map update

Thanks to all who have contributed over the last few weeks to share knowledge about the safety of Bowen's roads. The rains have made most roads clear now.

However it is SNOWING heavily today at higher elevations - eg Bishops Hill, Cowan Point and Sunset. And is 'sleeting up' in Queen Charlotte Heights.

Please add updates to today's road conditions in the comments section.

Work continues on the road status tool at Bowen2020: the geomarking of road segments is nearing completion. It even includes an ability to report on the weather related status of the new ferry services downtown. See

To find out more or contribute to that project, see the project page.

In the meantime, please post updated road conditions for today in the comments section below.


  1. The end of upper oceanview is still covered in two inches of ice. with some snow on top of the ice... I have been out there with a pick to start turning over the ice, it's getting there. Today, I notice we have a fire hydrant half buried under the snow... I certainly hope no houses need the assistance from our fire department. The more i think about it the more I wonder what my tax dollars are going toward. I certainly hope they clean my road before discussing a plastic football field.

  2. Just for the record here are some photos of the end of upper oceanview. I'd suggest you stay away. No fire related emergencies please.

  3. The hubby went for a slide with the car down Scarborough at the hill past the legion heading down toward Miller Road tonight around 6pm. It spooked him, so he parked at our friend's place nearby and borrowed their 4 wheel drive to head down to the cove. Slush on top of slush... and he slid!